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Why Should I Choose Liveuptime?

Liveuptime provide a monitoring solution for your websites and web applications. By offering a Powerful Web Monitoring Solution your customers will get the best possible web experience.

System that you can trust

LiveUpTime goal is to give our clients the best web experience that we can provide.
Come join our growing community that trust us with their business.
Oh, and because we’re Cloud-based, You can monitor your site 24/7/365
and the best part is that you can be doing it from anywhere!

Multiple Check Servers With Automated Failover

Our software allows you to setup several check servers that run in rotation to ensure each site is working from multiple locations. If one of your check servers goes offline, the other locations will detect this and take the check server out of rotation until it is detected as back online.

SMS Alerts

When an alert is trigged you can choose to send an alert via SMS. You will be able to buy SMS credits from us.

Notification Lists

LiveUpTIme allow you to setup a list of contacts and set when to start alerting each contact, how to contact(email or sms), how often repeat alerts should be sent, and how many maximum alerts should be sent.

API Alerts

When an alert is trigged the customer can choose to send an alert via a third party API.

User Custom Check support

This allows you to create a script on their server to check any aspect of that server such as free disk space, load, mysql connectivity, etc.

Checks as often as every minute

You can setup checks that will run every 1,5,15, or 30 minutes.

Customizable timeout and retries per check

You can set the number of times a check should be tried and how long to wait for a response before marking a check as failed.

Advanced Reporting

Check statistics are stored in the database and you can view recent detailed check long information. You can also generate custom uptime and response time reports.

Trust us with your site and join our fast growing community